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Pursuant to Article 14 of Electricity Market Law No. 6446 and the Regulation on Unlicensed Electricity Generation within the Electricity Market (“the Regulation”) the generation facilities based on renewable energy sources up to the installed capacity of 1 MW can be established with an exemption from the obligation to obtain a pre-license, license and incorporation of a company. The Article 7 of the Regulation states that the procedures and principles for application and assessment of surplus energy together with the format of the Connection Invitation Letter regarding the generation facilities up to 10 kW which are approved to prepare a typical

By the decision of  EMRA dated 22.12.2016, amendments were made to the Law numbered 4628 and the Regulation on Electricity Market Consumer Services to set forth the eligible consumer limit as 2400 kWH for 2017. The decision was published on the Official Gazette on 27.12.2016 and the amendment will be applied starting from 01.01.2017. Accordingly, 8.4 million subscribers shall be able to benefit from the decreased limit provided that their monthly electricity consumption is equal to at least 82 TL.