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Two methods can be used for debt collection under Turkish law. A creditor can either initiate litigation procedures by filing an action of debt before local courts or enforcement proceeding without judgement may be started before execution offices.It must be emphasized that a foreign claimant filing an action of debt or a foreign creditor starting an enforcement proceeding without judgment must deposit security unless there is a legal or de facto reciprocity between the claimant/creditor’s country and Turkey. Legal reciprocity is the existence of a judicial assistance agreement or being a party to the related convention. De facto reciprocity is

As per the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) numbered 6698, data controllers have an obligation to delete, dispose or anonymize personal data if the purposes of processing are no longer existing pursuant to the Article 7 of the Law. The principles and procedures with respect to this will be set out by a regulation as per the Law. Within the scope explained above, a draft Regulation on Deleting, Disposal and Anonymization of Personal Data (“Regulation”) has been published by the Personal Data Protection Agency (“Agency”).[1] The Regulation determines the procedures and principles with regards to deleting, disposal and anonymization of

An Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) Report and a project presentation file should be prepared for investments/projects that may cause damage to the environment as per the Law on Environment numbered 2872. The Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation (“EIA Regulation”) of 25.11.2014 regulates the administrative and technical terms and procedures that should be complied with during this procedure. The Amending Regulation to the EIA Regulation (“Amending Regulation”), which entered into effect on 27 May 2017 introduced significant revisions and amendments to the EIA Regulation. Upon review of this Amending Regulation, it is understood that the scope of projects that EIA procedure will be applied

The registration procedure for foreign court decrees on divorce may be undertaken within the state register of persons by filing a lawsuit for recognition as per the International Private and Procedural Law No.5718 and dated 27/11/2007 (“IPPL”). In other words, the divorce decision given by a foreign court may be registered as if it is decision given by a Turkish court The decision should fulfill the requirements under IPPL for obtaining a decision for recognition. Recognition is regulated under Article 58 of the IPPL as follows: “Recognition Article 58- (1) A foreign court decree may serve as a definitive evidence or final

Preamble The draft Regulation on Data Controller Registry (“Regulation”) was published in the website of the Personal Data Protection Agency (“Agency”) to receive the stakeholders’ opinion. As per the announcement the stakeholders may submit their reviews and comments until 20.05.2017. As per the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) numbered 6998, the data controllers are required to register to the Data Controller Registry (“Registry”) prior to commencing processing personal data within the period determined and announced by the Board of the Agency (“Agency”). Within this scope, the Regulation which sets out the procedures and principles for registration and the related obligations

Pursuant to Article 14 of Electricity Market Law No. 6446 and the Regulation on Unlicensed Electricity Generation within the Electricity Market (“the Regulation”) the generation facilities based on renewable energy sources up to the installed capacity of 1 MW can be established with an exemption from the obligation to obtain a pre-license, license and incorporation of a company. The Article 7 of the Regulation states that the procedures and principles for application and assessment of surplus energy together with the format of the Connection Invitation Letter regarding the generation facilities up to 10 kW which are approved to prepare a typical

An important amendment was made on the Law on the Civil Registration Services No.5490 (“Law”) by the Decree-Law No.690 which was published in the Official Gazette dated 29.04.2017 and numbered 30052. With the article 27/A which was added to the Law, the foreign decisions on divorce and annulment, nullity or existence of marriage may be registered in the register of persons if the necessary conditions are fulfilled and the parties apply jointly. Accordingly, the decisions may be registered without the necessity of filing a lawsuit for recognition. The Ministry will determine the details of the Article’s application via a Regulation. The